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Formulation decoding

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Formulation decoding is on the base

Formulation decoding is on the base of ingredients analysis: We possess a professional team with rich experience, high-tech machines, improved standard databases and enormous raw materials libraries. We will do our best to prepare the laboratory trials based the data obtained in ingredients analysis which can achieve a balance between performance, price and processing. This method is often used in compound systems for development and improvement which can solve the problems in your research such as long period, short of machines and costs.

The main fields include: Detergents, Metal surface treatment agents, Metal working fluids, Textile auxiliaries, Water treatment agents, Building additives, Mold Releasing Agents, Soldering fluxes, Adhesives, Plastics, Rubbers, Coatings, Paints, Inks, Composites, Pigments, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Chemical reagents, etc.


1.       Detergent

Degreasing agents, Deoiling agents, Wax removers, Paint removers, Metal detergents, Glass cleaners, Ultrasonic detergents, etc.

2.       Metal surface treatment agents

Degreasing agents, Acid cleaners, Rust removers, Phosphating solutions, Passivation solutions, Rust inhibitors, Blocking agents, Sealing agents, Brightening agents, etc.

3.       Metal working fluids

Cutting fluids, Emulsified oil, Micro emulsion cutting fluid, Glass cutting fluids, Grinding fluids, Polishing slurries, etc.



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